How to Melt the Ice on God of War 2


God of War II for the PlayStation 2 follows the adventures of Kratos, a mortal-turned-god in an Ancient Greece setting. You'll have to battle your way through countless mythical beasts from hydras to gorgons to monstrous wolves. In addition to combat, the game focuses heavily on platforming and puzzle-solving elements. Shortly after the checkpoint in the Garden of the Gods, you'll come across a room frozen in sheets of ice and a tricky puzzle to solve.

  • Enter the room filled with ice shortly after the Garden of the Gods checkpoint. Look to the left and locate the climbable section of wall. Climb to the top and use Kratos' swing ability to cross the ceiling, destroying the blocks of ice along the way to reveal narrow shafts of light.

  • Drop down from the ceiling and locate the partially frozen phoenix statue in the center of the room. Pull the lever at the rear of the statue to make it shoot a long burst of flame, which will melt the ice sheet on the other side of the room.

  • Approach the globular mirror statue that was underneath the now melted ice. Drag it to a shaft of light so the sunlight is directed onto the partially frozen phoenix statue. Repeat this process until the statue is entirely thawed.

  • Drop down to the statue and you'll find you can now rotate it in different directions. Rotate the statue to aim at different sheets of ice and pull the lever to release the flames and melt the ice. You will find a handful of treasure chests, a few minotaurs to kill and the room's exit by melting all the ice sheets.

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