How to Restore Deleted Computer History

Deleting your computer's history can ensure privacy on your machine, but that can become problematic when you later discover that you needed one or more of the deleted files. Recovering your deleted history files can be accomplished through the use of file-recovery software, which are programs that sift through your hard drive for files that can be recovered, allowing you to restore them on your drive.

Things You'll Need

  • File-recovery software


    • 1

      Open a Web browser and download Recuva from, Restoration from or Undelete from

    • 2

      Double-click on the downloaded file to install the program.

    • 3

      Open "Start," open "Programs," and open the file-recovery program.

    • 4

      Click on the "C" drive, which will bring up a list of files that can be restored.

    • 5

      Select the history file. When in doubt, simply restore all listed files.

    • 6

      Press the "Restore" button to restore it to your PC.

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