How to List a Home for Rent With Section 8

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The Section 8 housing program gives investment property owners a chance to provide housing to low-income families and earn a steady rental income. The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides rent assistance vouchers to low-income families and pays the landlord directly. It takes a little work to list a rental home with Section 8, but the pay off can be well worth it.

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  1. How to List a Home for Rent with Section 8

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      Call or visit your local housing authority and request an application. The application will ask a variety of basic questions regarding your property, including its location, square footage and the number of bedrooms.

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      Schedule an inspection. The housing authority requires an inspection because it needs to make sure that your property is a safe place for a client to live. You will be given a checklist prior to the inspection so you can make repairs beforehand.

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      Make any necessary repairs to your rental property. The property has to be safe with no fire hazards. Some of the most common safety items you will have to make sure are in place are that there is no peeling paint, rodent infestations or exposed wiring.

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      Negotiate the rent with the housing authority. The housing authority will pay to you either all or a portion of the rent for the client. Pick a rent based on the current rental rate in your area. Look at other houses of a similar size to yours and within a one-mile radius to find out the current rental rate.

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      Post an advertisement for tenants. You will have many potential renters to choose from because local housing authorities have a waiting list of Section 8 candidates. Increase your candidate pool even more by placing an ad in the classified section of the newspaper and online housing websites. Mention the words "Section 8" or "rental assistance" in the ad.

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