How to Get a Shiny Kyogre in Pokemon Sapphire


If you run into a wild Pokemon that flashes and is a different color than normal, congratulations; you've found a shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare, appearing at a ratio of one in 8,192. Though the odds are against you, it's still possible to find one, even if pursuing a legendary Pokemon like Kyogre.

  • Head to the Cave of Origin. The Cave of Origin is north of Sootopolis City on the far east side of the region map.

  • Explore the cave until you find Kyogre. He's resting in a lake in the middle of the cave.

  • Save your game before facing Kyogre. This is crucial.

  • Approach Kyogre and press the "Action" button. The Blue Orb will glow and you'll begin a battle with the Pokemon. If Kyogre is shiny, he will be a purplish-hue and will flash before you send out your Pokemon (Kyogre is normally blue.)

  • Reset the game using a soft reset ("Select," "Start," "A," and "B" all at the same time.)

  • Press "Start" on the Main menu and choose to continue the game.

  • Repeat Step 4 through Step 6 until you encounter a shiny Kyogre. This may take a lot of time and patience, but eventually you will encounter a shiny Kyogre.

Tips & Warnings

  • Bring a Master Ball with you to your fight with Kyogre. This way if you encounter a shiny one, you can catch it without risk of losing it.
  • If you finally encounter a shiny Kyogre, save immediately after catching it. Finding one is hard enough as it is.
  • Take breaks often. Constant resetting can be tiresome and frustrating, especially since there's no telling how long it will be before you encounter the shiny Kyogre.

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