Outdoor Christmas Decorating With Garland


Decorating your home for the Christmas season can be done both inside and out. Fresh evergreen garland gives your home a vintage, country Christmas look. It is also typically cheaper to create your own garland than to buy it. Furthermore, you will be creating a one-of-a-kind decoration that no one else has.

Things You'll Need

  • Evergreen trimmings
  • String, twine or cord
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire

Creating Evergreen Garland

  • Gather evergreen trimmings from pine trees, cedar, oak, fir, juniper, ferns or whatever trees you have around your home. A walk in the woods should provide enough supplies to make a garland. Include pine cones, berries and other accents to dress up the evergreens. (If you would rather use artificial garland, skip to Section 2).

  • Cut a piece of string, twine or cord to the desired length of garland. Allow for drapes and curves or wrapping of the garland.

  • Bunch various pieces of foliage and secure them together by wrapping floral wire around their stems twice. Leave enough wire attached to the bundle of foliage to secure it to the cord. Organize the pieces of foliage however you want. This allows you to get creative and customize your Christmas garland. Continue in this manner until you have several bunches of foliage.

  • Lay the foliage bundles along the cord so that the foliage overlaps the stems and covers them. You want to hide the stems from view. All stems should be facing the same direction.

  • Twist the wire from each foliage bunch around the cord so it is securely attached. When you have reached the end of the cord--twist the floral wire tightly around the last foliage bundle stems and create a knot. You also may create long ropes of evergreens by attaching boughs to the cord in a similar manner.

Outdoor Christmas Decorating with Garland

  • Add garland to fences. Attach the left side of the garland to one end of the fence by twisting floral wire around the end of the garland and through the fence boards. Gently pull the other end of the garland to the end of the fence. Allow the garland to drape or sag in the middle or coil it around the top board of the fence. Attach the right side of the garland in the same manner as the left side.

  • Place small pieces of garland on your exterior window seals and secure with floral wire.

  • Line your porch railing with pieces of garland. Attach each end of the garland to the porch railing by twisting floral wire around the railing and garland. Allow the middle of the garland to swag or wrap the garland around the railing.

  • Attach big Christmas bows to the garland in various locations--such as at the points where the garland comes up to meet the railing or fence.

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