How to Make Easy Money in Pokemon Sapphire


Money in Pokemon Sapphire is acquired fairly slowly over the course of the game. You cannot buy very much from the shops in the game if you only use the amount of money earned by playing straight through. Fortunately, you can earn money faster by repeatedly battling against the characters Gabby and Ty. For a relatively easy fight, these trainers give a large amount of money. The only drawback is that they move after every battle. Note that this method works more effectively if the Amulet Coin is equipped on one of your Pokemon.

  • Defeat Normon, the Petalburg Gym Leader. This is part of the storyline in Pokemon Sapphire, so you cannot miss this fight.

  • Return to Littleroot Town and talk to your mother. She will give you the Amulet Coin.

  • Equip the Amulet Coin to one of your Pokemon.

  • Talk to Gabby and Ty on Route 111 to start a battle. These two trainers will move to Route 118 after you defeat them. You will receive substantially less money the first time you defeat them.

  • Talk to Gabby and Ty on Route 118 to start a battle. Defeating the trainers will cause both to move to Route 120.

  • Talk to Gabby and Ty on Route 120 to start a battle. The two will return to Route 111 after you defeat them.

  • Talk to and defeat Gabby and Ty on Route 111, Route 118, and 120 again. This will cause their Pokemon to reach their maximum level. This will in turn cause the amount of money you receive from defeating them to increase substantially.

  • Defeat Gabby and Ty whenever you need more money. You will receive $7488 each time you beat them, as long as the Pokemon with the Amulet Coin wins the battle. The two will keep rotating between Route 111, Route 118, and Route 120, each time they are defeated.

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