How to Teach Youth About Tithing

Tithing is the act of paying a certain percentage to your church or to charity. In some families, tithing is an automatic act; those families just put away that percentage for the tithe immediately upon receiving money. Other families may choose to tithe in different ways, but if you want to make tithing a part of your family's life then you will have to teach your children about it as well. If you are a parent or the leader of a youth group and you want to teach youth about tithing, approach the topic with practical and spiritual applications in mind.

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      Explain how to determine a tithing amount. Some families take a standard tithing donation of 10 percent of any money they earn. Other families may choose different amounts. Teach youth how to determine the percentage of their money they will take out for tithing. Very young children may need help understanding the math; to make it easier for them, give them ten coins and show them that they need to leave one out for the tithe.

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      Use a Biblical reference. The Christian faith relies on the idea of a loving God who sacrificed his own son, Jesus Christ, for his believers. Put into this perspective, tithing can seem like far less of a sacrifice for the average Christian. Use a Bible verse about God's love for his people to explain why the youth should show their love to God through their tithes. Try John 3:16 or a similar verse.
      Another key example comes from the Old Testament; in Malachi 3:10, God tells his people to bring in the tithes and promises them that they will receive many blessings as a result of their tithing sacrifice.

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      Demonstrate the benefits of your tithes to others. Ask your pastor or another church leader to explain to the youth what happens with the tithing money. It probably has local applications, such as paying the utility bills for the church, as well as larger humanitarian and charity purposes. When youth learn that their tithe money goes to help children who are less fortunate than they are, they may be more enthusiastic about donating their money.

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