How to Change a Pet Name in "WoW"


Unlike changing your character's name, there's a way to change your pet's name within "World of Warcraft." With the Certificate of Ownership, hunters can rename a pet with the click of a mouse. You need at least 200 Inscription to craft this item.

  • Gather the required components. A single crafted stack of Certificates of Ownership requires one Light Parchment and two Celestial Ink. As long as you have 200 Inscription, you can make this ink using a pair of Violet Pigments, available from plants like Purple Lotus and Firebloom.

  • Purchase the recipe from any Inscription trainer. In your race's hometown, you can speak to the Inscription trainer and purchase the recipes for Celestial Ink and Certificate of Ownership.

  • Craft two units of Celestial Ink. Two Violet Pigments yield a single unit of ink.

  • Purchase Light Parchment from any of several vendors throughout the world. This is a common crafting good that never runs out at the vendor. You can purchase it in areas like Stormwind City, Dalaran, the Borean Tundra or Westfall.

  • Craft the Certificate of Ownership recipe. The recipe yields a single certificate, leaving no profit to be made in your journey.

  • Right-click the item to use it like any other, selecting a new name for your pet. The change should take effect immediately, but you may need to log out and log in again to see the new name.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have the Inscription profession, you can find these certificates on the Auction House; they're not bound.
  • You'll get the most crafting experience if you have 200 Inscription. You won't gain anything once you hit 215, however.
  • Plants that yield pigment are in areas meant for levels 40 through 50.
  • You can't change your pet's name if you're a warlock.

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