How to Become a Dog Schutzhund Trainer


Schutzhund dog training is a growing sport that demonstrates, at the highest level, a dog trainer’s skills and his dog’s intelligence. Schutzhund training includes obedience, tracking, and protection training. At competition dogs and their trainers put each of those skills to the test against other dog and trainer teams. This type of training takes commitment, experience, and skill. The challenge of the intense training and the strong bond that is formed between dog and human is what attract many to the sport of Schutzhund training. If you are thinking this may just be the dog activity you are seeking here are some steps to get you started.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog
  • Schutzhund Training Club
  • Clicker
  • Dog Treats

Find your local Schutzhund Training Club and attend their activities. The United Schutzhund Clubs of America has listings of clubs around the country. Attending a club and seeing firsthand the training and commitment involved will be invaluable in becoming a trainer yourself.

Learn basic dog training methods. Operant conditioning which uses positive reinforcement techniques and uses tools such as a clicker is the most commonly used reward based training method for dogs.

Find an experience Schutzhund trainer to be your mentor. Find someone that is willing to teach you and help you learn how to train for Schutzhund competitions.

Choose a puppy. German Sheppard dogs are the breed most often chosen for this sport. Your mentor will be able to help you choose a breeder to find a dog with the right temperament for this type of training.

Start basic training your puppy. The first training you will do will be basic puppy training such as obedience training and socialization.

Take the BH or basic obedience and temperament test through your Schutzhund Club. The passing of this test is required to work towards higher levels.

Work towards competing at higher levels. There are three levels of Schutzhund training that must be attained in sequence. Your mentor will help you with the training process and your club’s requirements for competition.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can learn basic dog training methods by taking puppy training classes, animal behavior courses at a local college, and by reading books on the subject.
  • Be prepared for the commitment that Schutzhund dog training involves. Schutzhund training is intensive and requires a large time commitment. It will take at least two years to make it to a level one title.
  • This type of training should only be attempted by highly skilled dog trainers. This sport encourages the training of aggressive behaviors in dogs for protection purposes. Improperly trained protection dogs can injure or kill other pets or people.

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