How to Make a Rose With a Paper Napkin


If you're hoping to impress your partner on a first date, whipping up a pretty rose out of paper (a paper napkin works perfectly if you're out at a bar or restaurant) is a sure way to win her heart, or at least to fill an awkward pause. All you need to master the trick of creating paper roses is to follow these simple steps, and be sure to schedule a few practice rounds at home before the big night!

Things You'll Need

  • Paper napkins
  • Unfold the paper napkin. If it is already unfolded, halve the napkin to create a crease through the middle.

  • Place your index finger on the edge of the napkin, along the crease.

  • Fold the napkin in half, over your finger. Keep your thumb tucked behind the napkin.

  • Grab the two hanging sides of the napkin, and pull back around your thumb and up between your middle finger and ring finger. Pull the sides completely through your fingers.

  • Fold the top layer of the napkin over your middle finger.

  • Fold the second layer over your ring finger and pinky.

  • Twist the napkin, starting at the tips of your fingers.

  • Continue twisting until you've reached the end of the napkin and formed a thin stem. Note: As you twist, angle the napkin so that a corner sticks upward and you can leave it angled outward as a "leaf."

  • Remove your fingers from the napkin and reach into the center of the flower. Pinch the center, and twist the layers to separate them and give your rose some movement and flair.

  • Voila! Show off your work of art!

Tips & Warnings

  • This fun napkin trick can be created with any paper napkin or paper towel, but a thin, two- or three-ply sheet is easiest to work with. Also, using multi-colored napkins in pinks or reds, or any shade you can get your hands on, can add a fun touch and give your rose some added colorful charm.
  • While the paper rose is an impressive bar trick for a first date, please be sure not to substitute paper roses for the real thing as your relationship progresses! Remember, particularly on those special days like Valentine's and birthdays, that a real bouquet of beautiful roses just can't be beat!

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