How to Broil With the Oven Door Open


Broiling foods is a quick and effective way of cooking or finishing a dish. For certain dishes, broiling is best done with the oven door open. Since the broiler uses such high temperatures, it can easily burn and ruin a dish if not properly monitored. Leaving the oven door partially cracked gives you a view of foods as they brown and cook in the broiler and helps ensure that you can easily remove a dish before it burns.

Things You'll Need

  • Oven mitt
  • Open your oven and remove the rack you wish to use. Insert it into the top rack so your broiler will be fully effective.

  • Set your oven to the "broil" setting on the oven dial. Leave the oven door closed and wait until the broiler is fully preheated before you place any foods inside.

  • Put on your oven mitt. Open the oven door fully to place the oven-safe dish with your food inside on the top rack. Be careful not to touch the heating element with the oven mitt--oven mitts are heat-resistant but still flammable.

  • Partially close the oven door. You'll be able to feel the door click into its partially open position.

  • Turn on the oven light to better view the food as it broils. Many modern ovens automatically turn on the oven light when the door is open or partially open.

  • Keep a close eye on your food as it broils. Keeping the oven partially open will make some of the heat from the broiler move out and straight up, so it is best to watch your food slightly back from the oven door and at an angle to avoid the draft of heat.

  • Observe your food as it starts to brown or blacken under the heat from the broiler. Different foods cook at different times, depending on their fat content and the nature of their composition. Your food will reach the desired color level quickly and be fully cooked.

  • Use your oven mitt to fully open the oven door and retrieve your dish from the oven. Set the dish on top of the range for now and fully close the oven door.

  • Turn the oven dial to the "off" position and turn your oven light to "off" as well. Your dish is ready to serve.

Tips & Warnings

  • For dishes involving cheese, be sure not to let them brown too much while in the broiler. If left too long, cheese will become crisp and dry.
  • The dish, pot or pan you are broiling your food in will be extremely hot after you retrieve it from the broiler. Do not touch it with exposed skin or place it on top of counters or tables as it may cause damage.

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