How to Unlock a Vodafone Phone

Unlocking your Vodafone handset allows you to use any company's SIM card and service on your device, rather than limiting yourself to a Vodafone card; this is ideal for those who want to use a phone provided by a company other than your service provider. To unlock your phone, you must purchase an unlock code that may vary depending on which type of phone you are trying to unlock. Many of these codes can be purchased over the Internet, or from a local phone technician.


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      Turn off your phone. Insert a non-Vodafone SIM card. Power your phone on.

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      Wait for "invalid SIM card" or another error message to appear, indicating that your phone is locked. Turn off wireless services in your mobile menu.

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      Enter your SIM card settings menu, usually found under advanced settings. Hold down the "alt" key and type the letters "MEPT." If the SIM error message remains, or you have no "alt" key, press and hold the center key to bring up a field to enter the code.

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      Enter your 16 digit network unlock code provided for your phone when the screen displays "network MEP code." Press "enter" or "OK" to complete. Note that you have multiple attempts to enter this code after some delay, in case of error.

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      Open the back cover and remove the battery, without powering off your phone. Re-insert the battery and power your phone on. Confirm the unlock by making and receiving phone calls with a non-Vodafone SIM card.

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