How to Attach a Basketball Backboard to a Wall


Most basketball hoops, whether in a small gym or a large arena, are attached to a device that could be as simple as a metal pole or as elaborate as an NBA-caliber apparatus. But hoops and backboards can also simply be attached to a wall, whether outdoors on a driveway or indoors in a large room with a very high ceiling. Various types of backboards are available. Backboards can be made of glass, acrylic, fiberglass, steel or aluminum. They also come in rectangular or fan-shaped designs. The simpler backboards are attached directly to the wall, while the more expensive backboards can require mounting brackets that extend the backboard away from the wall. Prices can range from $99 to more than $2,000.

Things You'll Need

  • Backboard, Hoop and Net
  • Mounting Kit (if applicable)
  • Ladder
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Drill

How to Attach A Basketball Backboard to a Wall

  • Find the best spot for your backboard. It must be attached to a wall that does not slope or angle. The surface underneath the hoop should be firm enough to allow a basketball to be dribbled and large enough for long-distance shot attempts. A concrete or asphalt surface is best.

  • Purchase the backboard, hoop and net system that best fits your needs and budget. Installation instructions will be included with the equipment, and the basics are the same for nearly all models.

  • If the backboard is equipped with a mounting bracket--which will stand between the backboard and the wall--follow the instructions for attaching the bracket to the wall. In most cases, this will entail using wood screws or brick/concrete screws and screwdrivers or a power drill with an appropriate drill bit.

  • Before attaching the backboard--to the bracket or the wall--secure the hoop to the backboard. This is a simple process, using pre-drilled holes and hardware. Follow the provided instructions.

    Attach the backboard, either to the mounting bracket or to the wall. If a mounting bracket is used, the backboard will be attached using nuts, bolts and washers; a wrench--maybe two-- will also be needed for this step. Be sure to tighten all bolts securely. If no mounting bracket is used, the backboard will be attached directly to the wall. The backboard will have pre-drilled holes, through which the proper screws (according to the instructions) must be inserted and tightened using a screwdriver or drill.

  • Once the backboard is secure, the final step is attaching the net to the hoop. The strings of the net are fitted into metal loops underneath the hoop. Take it slow and make sure you don't skip any loops--otherwise you may have to start over.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always have one or two people assist you in installing a backboard. This is not a one-person job. A ladder is usually needed; follow the safety instructions on the ladder.
  • Do not install the backboard near a busy road or other dangerous area, especially if small children will be using it. Balls can roll into traffic, resulting in very dangerous conditions.

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