How to Make a Plasma Psi Ball

Plasma psi balls are an alleged accumulation of "psionic" or meditative energy formed between your hands. According to practitioners at, forming a plasma psi ball takes practice. Plasma psi balls are not visible forms of energy like in the movies. When forming psi balls there will be a tingling sensation in the palms of your hands similar to static electricity. Psi balls can be used as a healing tool or just for fun in an exercise that can take 15 minutes or longer.


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      Sit down.
      Sit down.

      Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair or on your couch. You may choose to place your feet flat on the floor with your back straight.

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      Meditative breathing
      Meditative breathing

      Breath through your nose slowly and easily; be aware of your breath as it enters your body. Exhale slowly, still remaining aware of your breath. Continue breathing and releasing the tension in your body with each exhale.

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      Hold your hands in front of you, and make your arms comfortable. Try resting your arms on your legs. Hold your hands with the palms facing, about 2 inches apart.

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      Plasma psi ball, or illustration?
      Plasma psi ball, or illustration?

      Visualize energy forming between your hands into a plasma psi ball. Visualize the psi ball growing, becoming brighter and warmer in the palms of your hands.

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      Palms facing. Now go.
      Palms facing. Now go.

      Pull your hands slowly apart, visualizing the plasma psi ball growing. Increase the size as you wish. You can envision making a plasma psi ball large enough to wrap around your body as a shield.

Tips & Warnings

  • To keep your mind quiet, try thinking, “I am relaxing my arms. Now I am relaxing my legs...” Continue until each part of your body is relaxed, then begin your visualization.
  • Draw energy for your plasma psi ball from anywhere. For instance, visualize roots from your feet into the earth, or visualize energy flowing from the earth into your body and ultimately your hands.
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