How to Check History on Internet Explorer

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Unlike many other browsers, which use separate windows to show browsing history, Internet Explorer's history shows up on a sidebar. There's no obvious button to see your history on the browser's menu bar, but the trick to finding it is simple: Open your favorites and switch to the history tab from there.

The arrow button moves the sidebar to the left and keeps the bar open while you browse.
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Step 1:

Open the Favorites sidebar by clicking the star icon in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11, and then switch to the History tab.

The shortcut "Ctrl-H" opens the sidebar to the History tab.
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Step 2:

Select View By Date from the drop-down menu to group history entries by day and week. Within each time frame, individual Web pages are collected into folders for each website.

Click on any page in your history to revisit it.

Click to open and close groups.
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Step 3:

Pick Search History to search for a page you remember visiting. You can search either for part of the page's name or its Web address.

Search results appear as individual pages, not grouped by website.
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Step 4:

Choose View By Most Visited to see individual pages ordered from most-visited to least-visited, within the period of your saved history.

Another similar option, **View By Order Visited Today**, shows individual pages from most-recent to least-recent.
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Step 5:

Select View By Site to see an alphabetical list of all websites in your history. Individual pages are grouped inside each site's folder.

Click a site to see individual pages.
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Tips & Warnings

  • To delete a page, website or time period from your history, right-click it and choose "Delete." Press "Ctrl-Shift-Del" to remove items in bulk.
  • Change history retention settings on the General tab of Internet Options, which you can reach through the Tools menu.
  • Another way to find pages you've visited recently is to open the drop-down menu on the address bar. Type a few letters of the site's name or address into the bar to narrow the results.
  • Deleted history items cannot be recovered.





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