How to Find Out My PC's Specs

In computing terms, the word "specs" refers to the exact system specifications of your personal computer. This includes how fast your processor is, how much RAM is installed, how large the unit's hard drive is, and other hardware and operating data. If you want to quickly find out exactly what the specifications are on your personal computer, you'll need to become familiar with a few specific utilities.


  1. "System Properties"

    • 1

      Click "Start."

    • 2

      Right click on "Computer."

    • 3

      Click "Properties."

    • 4

      Click "General" (note that this is only applicable to Windows XP users).

    • 5

      Look at the information on your screen. You are now viewing the complete system specifications of your PC. You can see the processor speed, the processor type, the system type, the amount of installed RAM and more. When finished, click the "X" box to close the system properties window.

    "Device Manager"

    • 6

      Click "Start."

    • 7

      Right click on "Computer."

    • 8

      Click "Properties."

    • 9

      Click "Hardware" (note that this only applies to Windows XP users).

    • 10

      Click "Device Manager." This will open a window containing a list of all of the various pieces of hardware that are installed in your computer. You can see things like the model number of your video card and sound card, how many USB ports you have and more. When finished, click the "X" box to close the Device Manager window.

    Hard Drive Size

    • 11

      Click "Start."

    • 12

      Click "Computer."

    • 13

      Click one time on the icon for your computer's hard drive. (If this does not work, right click on the drive and select "Properties.") The size of the hard drive, including the total capacity and the remaining space, will now display in the window on screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the "Computer" icon is also on your Windows desktop, you can right-click on it from that location and select "Properties" to open the system properties window.
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