How to Apply for Temporary Disability in Florida


Floridians who become injured to the point they can no longer perform any type of work may be eligible to receive temporary benefits for the duration of the disability or injury. These benefits can last up to two years and will cover two-thirds of your wages, according to While the disability benefits are provided by the Social Security Administration, Florida workers be deemed eligible by the Florida Disability Division before receiving the benefits.

Things You'll Need

  • W-2 Forms for the past 15 years
  • Social Security number
  • Birth certificate
  • Doctor's determination of disability/injury
  • Hospital records (including names of nurses and doctors as well as admission and release dates)
  • Receive a determination that you cannot work at all due to your injury. This determination must be made by Florida physician chosen by your employer--not your private physician.

  • Gather the information you need to fill out the Social Security Administration's disabilities application. Florida requires you to fill out the SSA application first. You need to compile the name of the treating physician, your patient ID number, the dates you went to the hospital, any medications you are taking and any other medical records. In addition, gather W-2 forms, your social security number and a copy of your birth certificate. Also draft a list of the types of jobs you had for the past 15 years prior to your injury.

  • Visit the Social Security Administration's website and fill out the online application for disability benefits. A link has been provided in the resource section below. Answer each question on the form using the information you gathered in step 2. After you fill out this application, the SSA will deliver your materials to Florida's Division of Disability Determination.

  • Contact Florida's Disability Determination Office to check the status of your application. The number to reach this office is 850-488-4222.


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