How to Add Word Documents to a Blog

As a blogger, there are times you may want to add a Word document to your blog. This is a useful mechanism when you want to share a memo, letter or a set of instructions that are in Word format. Microsoft has some built-in functionality for Word 2007 that allows you to publish right from the application.


  1. Word 2007

    • 1

      Open your Word document.

    • 2

      Click the "Home" button, click "Publish," and then click "Blog."

    • 3

      Choose your blog provider with the list provided in the drop-down menu. Click the "My provider isn't on list" if the list does not include your blog platform. Click the "Next" button.

    • 4

      Follow the prompts to register your blog. After you are finished, you will be sent back to your Word document.

    • 5

      Hit the "Publish" button.

    Word File

    • 6

      Save the Word document to your desktop.

    • 7

      Find your blog's content management tool. This is the same tool that lets you upload photographs and files.

    • 8

      Upload the Word document that you saved in Step 1 if your blog platform lets you perform such a maneuver.

    • 9

      Retrieve the link to your Word document that is now on your blog platform server. The URL will end with .doc.

    • 10

      Use the URL to make a link in your blog. This link will take the user to your Word document. Remember, though, he will need to have Word installed on his computer to read the file.

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