How to Get All the Digital Channels on My Direct TV

DirecTV users can obtain a variety of station packages from the satellite company. However, there is a way to receive all of the digital channels DirecTV offers. This requires a costly monthly payment, but if you enjoy all flavors of television and movies you might not mind the hefty price tag.


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      Decide if you want HD programming. If you have an HD television you might consider the better-quality picture at an additional cost each month.

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      Save or obtain a copy of your latest bill, which will include your account number and the phone number for DirecTV (1-888-777-2454). Call and work through the prompts until you are connected to a customer service representative.

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      Upgrade to the "premier" package, which has more than 285 all-digital stations, including all HBO, STARZ, Showtime and Cinemax stations. There are a few additional packages also, including Game Lounge and BabyFirst TV.

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      Add the sports package at an additional cost each month for 35 more sports stations; most of these are local stations from around the country. Purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN GamePlan or MLB Extra Innings; these packages offer every event played in the particular sport.

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      Add DirecTV's international programming from stations from Russia to Brazil.

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      Confirm the changes to your account and determine your new monthly bill. You should see the billing increase on your next bill.

Tips & Warnings

  • DirecTV's adult package is available in digital as well. However if you have children, make sure to block adult content with the child protective v-chip.
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