How to Get a Traveling Photography Job


For people who are passionate about taking pictures, working as a photographer can be a dream job. Adding the chance to travel for your job can make it even better. Traveling and taking pictures simultaneously is a great way to meet people and see new places. Not every photographer job requires travel, but if you want to find a photography job that has travel adventures, there are plenty of avenues to explore.

  • Search career networking sites such as LinkedIn if you want to find a photography job that requires travel. You must first join the free LinkedIn membership site. Once you join and enter the site, simply click on the jobs link at the top of the page and enter your parameters. For a photography job that required travel, you could enter the job title "photographer" and enter "travel" in the keywords section.

  • Check the job boards on the Internet for photography jobs that require travel. Sites like pull job listings from many other websites; therefore, you only check one site to see jobs that are posted on many other job boards. Simply enter your job title and keywords into the search feature and you can even narrow your choices by inputting the zip code where you wish to work.

    Once your search results come up, you can see listings of applicable job titles, companies that are hiring, cities within the U.S. that have relevant positions and even a breakdown of what organizations are paying for photographers who can travel for their jobs.

  • Consider starting small as a photography assistant for a magazine. This way, you can get experience on sets working with bona fide photographers. Travel is often required to various locations and shoots; therefore, you will be working and traveling simultaneously if you find the right gig. This can also open many doors for a photographer as you develop your skill set working on a shoot first-hand.

  • Freelancing is an excellent option for the experienced photographer who has a portfolio of his work. Traveling is generally required for the top-echelon freelancers. Many serious freelancers contract with book publishers or travel websites who purchase their photographs.

  • Check with school portrait photography companies such as Lifetouch. These companies take school pictures nationally and while you may not get to travel from state-to-state, you can at least travel around your home state and take school pictures. Opportunities may also be available to photograph youth sports teams through these companies as well, and part-time weekend traveling photography careers may be available.


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