How to Lose 10 Lbs a Week

If you're like me losing 10 lbs is not an easy thing to do, let alone 10 lbs a week. Normally, you would not want to lose 10 lbs a week as it's very unhealthy and almost impossible to keep up.

Unless you are 100 lbs or more overweight it would be almost impossible to lose 10 lbs a week and to lose that much weight week in week out you would need to be under the care of professionals.

Never attempt strict diets or strenuous exercise before you consult with your doctor.

In order to lose 10 lbs a week you need to burn 35,000 more calories than you eat EVERY WEEK.

Things You'll Need

  • Serious will power
  • Determination
  • Time to workout


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      Obesity in Women Poster


      Before you start any new diet or exercise program be sure to get a check up from your doctor. It should include a routine physical but also your vital signs and some blood work.

      Make sure you tell him exactly what you plan to do. The amount of exercise you plan to do and what kind of foods you will be eating.

      It's really best to change your lifestyle and habits and not diet but that's a gradual change.

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      Trying to lose 10 lbs a week is not easy or sustainable. Especially if you only have 20 - 50 lbs to lose. It's just not healthy and your doctor should tell you that.

      Now, even if you're 100+ lbs overweight you may lose 10 lbs your first or even 2nd week if you're doing proper exercise and nutrition but it's unlikely you will keep it up and keep it off.

      If you really want to lose 10 lbs a week for a few weeks it will be a lot of hard work and you must be under the supervision of a professional. Talk to your doctor or even a specialized nutritionist or a functional diagnostic nutritionist (FDN) to get some feedback on your plan.

      If your an average of 25 - 50 lbs over weight and want to lose weight and keep it off, just cut down to a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet (women) or 1700 - 2000 calorie diet (male). Don't so much watch calories as portions. Try to eat 5 - 6 meals with 250 - 350 calories per meal and exercise.

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      Pro Oats Organic Oatmeal with Fruit

      HOW TO LOSE 10 LBS

      The road to losing weight is never as easy as gaining it. Let's face it, bad food taste good and good food, well, doesn't taste as good unless you know how to cook it. Personally I don't have the time to cook and took the advise of Dr. Oz in his book Waist Management (see resources) and stopped thinking about food.

      If you want to lose 10 lbs you need to burn 35,000 calories more than you consume. If you want to lose 10 lbs a week you will need to burn 5,000 more calories than you usually do, every single day.

      Try and eat the same thing at least once if not twice every day. Yes, you heard me. I eat Oatmeal for breakfast 6 days a week. Sunday I change it up.

      If you go to Starbucks every morning, get their Oatmeal, stop eating the other garbage. No wonder you're getting fat.

      My morning recipes are below, they take 5 minutes total from start to finish. If you don't have time for oatmeal, you're too busy. Check out some of the great easy oatmeal from Pro Oats. You have time to add water and eat.

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      Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia Cinnamon Extract


      Oatmeal My Way:
      Organic Quick Oats from Henry's (A local bulk whole foods type of market). I purchase 2 lbs for under $3.00. It lasts about 3 weeks.

      That's less than $0.20 per day for breakfast.
      I put 1/3 cup of oats in a bowl and add 2/3 cup water, dash of salt and microwave on high for 2 minutes.

      Oatmeal additions to change it up daily if you want.

      Day 1: 1/4 - 1/2 tsp Cinnamon, 8 drops Stevia (cinnamon)

      Day 2: 2 Egg whites scrambled mixed right in to oatmeal (try it)

      • I use Quick whites, no fuss, just pour 100% egg whites from carton. Spray the pan with olive oil spray (in a small fry pan), no butter, get it hot, scramble the egg whites while the oatmeal is cooking. If you spray the pan and turn on your stove while you are putting the oatmeal in the bowl and adding water and salt, you'll be ready to add eggs when your oatmeal is 1/2 cooked and the eggs will be done at the same time.

      Day 3: 1/4 cup dried fruit (Raisin mix)

      Day 4: 1/4 cup Walnut pieces and slivered almond pieces

      Sometimes I like egg whites and raisins mixed in. Some days I do nuts and raisins. I measure out the nuts and fruit according to packing. Trying to keep mixed in items under 200 calories.

      Save time tip: Measure out your weeks worth of mix ins on Sunday or any 1 day of the week. IT takes 20 minutes to get everything ready.

      Some days I don't add anything but the cinnamon and on those days I eat egg whites or a protein shake (whey or egg white powder) 2 hours later.

      Now you have breakfast every day for less than $25 per month and trust me it's never boring and it's really good for you.

      Okay, you hate oatmeal.. well, come up with your own 300 calorie or less breakfast that you can eat everyday and change it up a little. Oatmeal and cinnamon is one of the healthiest things you can start your day with.

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      Vitamineral Green


      Even if you are eating right, the exercise and new diet will make it difficult for you to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs.

      Every morning since 2006 I drink HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green powder (1 heaping tablespoon) mixed in with 20 - 24 oz of water before I eat anything.

      I also take a multivitamin and a few oolong green tea pills*.

      *Green tea is a good choice for people on a weight-loss program because it can help them to lead a healthier lifestyle. For example, substituting green tea for coffee with cream and sugar not only saves calories but also supplies a lot of healthful substances, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, that can help improve one's overall health.

      Green tea contains a small amount of caffeine, so it serves as a mild appetite suppressant as well.

      *Dieters and weight-management advocates may claim benefits for this supplement based on their personal or professional experience. These are individual opinions and testimonials that may or may not be supported by controlled clinical studies or published scientific articles.

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      Walking on Water


      My biggest problem was finding time to exercise. I would work out or do cardio for months and when the weight came off I would feel better and work out less.

      Business, stress, catching colds, needing surgery, kids, job, you name it - all excuses to avoid working out.

      My solution: I realized that if I didn't get it done in the morning it wasn't going to happen. So six days a week I walk at least 30 minutes before I sit down to work. If I get to work and don't get in a walk, I'm probably not going to. I drop off my kids at school (2 miles away), bring the dog with me and walk home. It takes me 30 minutes. How do I get home? I ride a folding electric scooter back to get my car (if I had time to walk both ways I would). Some days I walk 1/2 way and turn around and get my car or if I have time I walk back.

      Now I know many of you can't just get to work later or re-arrange your schedule so here are some tips on how to walk 30 minutes a day. Just do it. You don't need to get all sweaty, you do need to elevate your heart rate and take in more Oxygen and work your muscles.

      Now some people sweat easier than others. If that's you, make sure you can shower or sponge off at your destination. It will take a few weeks to feel better but within a few months people will notice you look like you're trimming down.

      I hate running, but after I started walking for a few weeks, I actually started running (slowly). Now I try to run 5 - 10 minutes twice a week and walk the rest.

      The easy way to lose 20 lbs: Walking 3.5 MPH for 30 minutes will burn approx 200 calories (it's approximately 100 calories per mile). So if you walk 30 days a month that's about 5600 calories or 1.6 lbs. Just walking 30 min every day for a year and you will lose 20 lbs.

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      If you seriously want to lose 10 lbs in a week, you're going to need to burn 5,000 every day. You just can't walk that much.

      You're going to have to work out very hard. There is no magic pill and no magic diet. Yes, you can stop drinking water and lose 10 lbs of water weight but if you want to lose 10 lbs of FAT, you need to work it off.

      HEre are some examples of how to burn 5,000 calories in one day.

      Stationary Rowing (vigorously) 800 calories per hour.
      Boxing burns about 900 calories per hour.
      Running 6 MPH burns about 1,000 calories per hour.
      High Impact Step Aerobics also burns about 1,000 calories per hour.

      As you can see, you will need to work out like a maniac for 5 - 6 hours per day every day for a week to lose 10 lbs of fat.

      Now, if you have under 50 lbs to lose and you can average 2 - 3 lbs per month, you have a much better chance of success (losing it and keeping it off). If you have more than 50 lbs to lose, you can step it up a bit and still lose it in a year but you will need to work harder.

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      Walk a Dog


      1. Park far away from the store. When you go to any store, park in the back of the parking lot. Walk.

      2. Park 1/2 mile away from your destination. It only takes about 1,000 steps to walk 1/2 mile (about 10 minutes). If you go to the same place every day (Starbucks, Work, friends house) measure out a 1/2 mile with your car and park there EVERYDAY! If you walk there and back everyday, that's 20 minutes of walking. Heck, if you can park 3/4 or 1 mile away and walk there and back everyday you're done. You can easily walk a mile in 20 minutes. You can do a quick mile in 12 - 15 if you speed walk or jog slowly. Now I know you can take an extra 15 minutes to get where you're going.

      3. Get a dog, yes, it will force you to get out and walk. Even just a 10 minute walk in the evening with your pooch will help.

      Anyone can walk 10 minutes, do it three times a day. Seriously, get off your lazy butt and just walk 10 - 15 minutes a few times a day.

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      6 walnuts 20 min before meal


      To be successful you need to eat small meals every few hours. I try and eat 250 - 350 calorie meals 5 - 6 times a day.

      6 Walnuts (12 halves) 20 minutes prior to a meal will help you eat less.

      My secret lunch place is Subway. Believe it or not, it's fast, fresh and easy and they are all over the place.

      Here is the proper way to eat health at Subway (at least for me).

      1. Whole wheat bread (no white, Italian or Honey) or make it a salad (No Bread).
      2. Turkey or Chicken Breast
      3. Make it a foot long and ask them to wrap the two 1/2's separately.
      4. No Mayo based spreads, Mustard only (I request Spicy Mustard, aka Deli Mustard, Brown Mustard, etc - The kind you get on a hot Dog in NY, yum).
      5. All The Veggies (hold the olives for me, don't like em and they are high in calories). Extra Spinach, extra Green Pepper and Extra Red Onion for me - all low in calories. Don't forget the Tomato, cucumbers and lettuce. Best way to order. No cheese or 1/2 cheese, toasted if you like hot sandwich (tax will be added since it's hot food).

      First the lettuce, then spinach, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion (lots of veggies), then vinegar (they use balsamic, it's good for you and low or no calories). No oil or fatty spreads. Request some salt or Pepper or both if you want it. They also have oregano at most locations.

      1/2 a Turkey or 1/2 Chicken Breast built that way is under 350 calories. Eat 1/2 for lunch. Save the other 1/2 for 3 hours later or dinner if it's close.

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      Dinner and dessert with the kids is the hardest part of my day. Breakfast and lunch no problem. But that chicken nugget or slice of pizza my kids don't finish looks mighty good.

      Here's where will power comes in. Try to eat your other 1/2 of the subway sandwich 30 - 45 minutes before you feed your kids dinner. Or if you don't have kids but dinner is difficult have the other 1/2 for dinner.

      You can add extra turkey at home, or remove the bread and add more salad stuff and make it a big salad. You can also remove the bread add some tomato sauce to the bread pop it in the toaster and eat it that way (it's good).

      You can also ask them to put all the meat on 1/2 when they make the sandwich. Then eat that for lunch. Now the other 1/2 only has bread and veggies (have them leave off the mustard and the vinegar so it doesn't get soggy). Now you can remove the veggies throw them in a bowl with some canned or fresh chicken breast, then throw some tomato sauce (not butter) on the bread and have it with your salad.

      Dessert: If you have to have something, wait at least 2 hours after dinner. Try not to eat within 2 - 3 hours of bed time. A great dessert is plain fat free Greek style yogurt. It's almost the consistency of smoothly mixed ice cream (think back when you were a kid and mixed it a lot too make it smooth and silky). Mix in 1/2 tsp cinnamon and some of that stevia again and throw in a fist full of your favorite granola (not a sugary kind). Look for something under 100 - 150 calories for 1/2 cup serving. A cup of the yogurt will be about 120 - 140 calories so the total dessert will be like a meal (300 calories). Sometimes I eat this for Sunday breakfast.

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      Downward Dog Stretch


      After you've lost some weight and you begin to feel great, add some resistance exercises in with your walking. Don't forget to stretch. Try at least 5 minutes per day. Add some push ups and/or a downward Dog stretch.

      Good healthy food and walking are a great start. Do something you can keep up forever. There is no magic to losing weight. Burn more than you consume and it will come off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Try and eat the same things every day to keep it simple
  • Walk 30 minutes every day
  • Coffee is okay any time but don't over due the milk, cream, sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Try switching to Green Tea or Green Tea Supplements
  • See your doctor before starting any program
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