How to Train a Hamster


How to Train a Hamster. Your hamster will be a much more enjoyable pet if you train her. Handling her for several minutes, just two times a day, will help make your hamster cuddly and smart.

Things You'll Need

  • Hamster Food
  • Shavings For Bedding
  • Small Water Bottles For Pets
  • Apples
  • Peanuts
  • Hamster Run-about Ball
  • Hamster Wheel

Buy a hamster between the ages of four and seven weeks. They are easier to train when you get them young. Hamsters can live to be three to four years old.

Hold, cuddle, talk to and pet your young hamster just as soon as you bring her home. If she seems frightened or shy, let her get adjusted to her cage and new environment for a few days.

Lay food next to your hand. Your hamster will walk up to the food and eat beside your hand.

Put food in the palm of your hand. Your hamster will sit in your hand to eat the food.

Stroke her back while she is eating.

Cup your other hand over the hamster while she is eating.

Carry her around in your cupped hands for a few minutes.

Remove your other hand and set your hamster-filled palm back down. Let the hamster look around to see that it is safe.

Hide peanuts in your shirt collar. Encourage your hamster to run up and down your arms and across your shoulders, searching for peanuts.

Lie on the floor with your hamster. Hide bits of apple underneath your back.

Enjoy your hamster running across, under and over you, sniffing for the apple.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be gentle with the hamster. Don't drop her or let her fall off of high furniture, tables or stairs.
  • Speak softly to her. Move slowly around her.
  • Some hamsters are more nervous than others and may take a little longer to adjust to being handled. Be patient and your hamster should become quite tame.
  • Hamsters usually only bite when they are frightened. But never forget that they have very sharp front teeth. Being bitten by any animal can be dangerous.
  • Before you handle your hamster, always be sure to wash your hands. Hamsters have poor eyesight, and if your hands smell even the tiniest bit like food, the hamster might accidentally bite you.
  • Hamsters are susceptible to human cold viruses and must be kept warm at all times.
  • Be sure to keep your hamster far away from any cats.

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