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Screenshots can illustrate software tutorials.

Creating a screenshot in Windows is easy. Screenshots allow the computer user to capture an image directly from the computer screen. Screen shots capture open windows and programs, including any toolbars or menus. This is useful for people who create program tutorials or want to make a snapshot of a game they are playing. Creating screenshots is free and does not require any external software. Also, the directions for taking a screenshot are the same for all versions of Windows.


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      Open the windows, programs or Web browser that are to be included in the screenshot.

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      Press the "Prnt Scrn/SysRq" key on the keyboard. This is located in the upper-right part of the keyboard. Pressing this button by itself will copy the entire desktop to the clipboard, which is a storage area for copied material. If you only want to only copy one window, press "Alt+Prnt Scrn." This will copy the front-most window. The image will then be stored on the computer's clipboard.

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      Open MS Paint, Word or any other graphics program. Then, press "Ctrl+V" to paste the screenshot onto the canvas. The user can also go to "File" > "Paste" to accomplish this.

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      Go to "File" > "Save As" and name the file. For the best quality, change the file format to ".png."

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