How to Apply for a Louisiana Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are legal documents verifying a person's birth, date of birth, birth name and, in many cases, birth parents. You need the document to enter a child into school or acquire other legal documents like a social security card or driver's license. Different states have different ways in which they store and disseminate birth certificates. In Louisiana you can order a birth certificate in person, by mail or online.


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      Download the application to obtain a certified birth certificate. (See resources 2.)

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      Gather the necessary identification. You will need a primary identification document like a state-issued driver's license, plus two secondary identification documents like a vehicle title, a property deed or a student ID.

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      Go to your local Vital Records Service Center. (For a complete list of Vital Records Service Centers in Louisiana see Resources 3.) You will also need to pay all required fees. A Short-Form Birth Certification Card costs $9 per copy. A Long-Form Birth Certificate costs $15 per copy.

      If you prefer to mail in your application for a birth certificate or order online read steps 4 or 5.

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      Mail in your application by sending it to:

      Vital Records Registry
      P.O. Box 60630
      New Orleans, LA 70160

      You will still need to provide a photocopy of the required identification materials. You will also need to send in the required fee. A Short-Form Birth Certification Card costs $9 per copy. A Long-Form Birth Certificate costs $15 per copy.

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      Order the birth record online by going to the VitalCheck Network. (See References 2.) Select "Birth Certificate" and press the "Continue" button. Answer the additional questions, which include if you are ordering your own birth certificate or someone else's, the name as shown on the birth certificate, the city of birth, date of birth and what you will use the birth certificate for.

      You will be required to pay all applicable fees by credit card. It will cost $28.45 for one copy of your birth certificate. Each additional copy will add another $15.00 to the total.

      You will then be required to enter in your legal name, your relationship to the person on the birth certificate and your shipping address.

Tips & Warnings

  • Louisiana is a "closed record" state, meaning birth certificates are not considered public records.
  • You may obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate only if you are: the person named on the certificate, the spouse of the person named, the parent of the person named, the adult child of the person named, the sibling of the person named, the grandparent of the person named, or an adult grandchild of the person named.
  • Any adult, other than the birth mother and father, who is requesting a birth certificate of a minor must present a judgment of custody for that minor.
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