How to Check a Cell Phone ESN

Your phone's ESN (electronic serial number) is needed if you plan on activating your phone with a wireless carrier. In order to determine your ESN, locate the printed sticker information in your phone--or use phone menus and customer service to help determine the proper ESN.


  1. Phone Sticker Method

    • 1

      Remove the battery from your phone.

    • 2

      Look for a sticker with various printed numbers. The sticker will be located directly behind your phone's battery once removed.

    • 3

      Locate the ESN number. If the word ESN cannot be found, look for a 16-digit number; that number is your ESN.

    Carrier Assistance

    • 1

      Call your phone's mobile carrier customer-service number if your phone is still active.

    • 2

      Ask the customer service representative for your mobile phone's ESN number. They will ask you to verify your account number and possibly your account password. If multiple phones are on your account you will also have to verify your phone's mobile number.

    • 3

      Write down the steps for finding your phone's ESN exactly as described by the representative. This process may include menu navigation, keypad entry steps or a combination of both, depending on your phone model.

    • 4

      Enter the navigation information exactly as given. If done correctly, your phone will display your ESN.

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