How to File Unfair Labor Practices Against an Employer

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is the proper agency to use in seeking redress against an employer or union that violates practices outlined in the National Labor Relations Act. An injured party can always seek the services of an attorney, but the NLRB can act on your behalf if it agrees that a violation has been committed.


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      Find the appropriate regional office of the NLRB for your complaint. A Federal Information Office can be contacted by telephone, or you can go to the NLRB website (see References) to find the appropriate regional office. There are 51 regional offices in the U.S.

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      Ask to speak to an information officer to discuss your complaint. Tell him you wish to file a complaint against the employer/union in your location. The complaint must be properly stated and must meet certain criteria, including timely filing (within six months). The information officer can assist you in preparing a lawful complaint and completing a form to begin the investigation.

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      Complete an NLRB Form 501 if it's a complaint against an employer. Use NLRB Form 508 if the charge is against a labor union or its agent. Both forms are available online, but it is recommended that you speak to the information officer before completing and filing the form. You will have to sign the form and identify yourself as the complainant.

Tips & Warnings

  • The NLRB advises using a lawyer or speaking to an NLRB information officer before completing the appropriate form.
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