How Do I Transfer My Photos From My iPhone to My PC?

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When you sync your iPhone to iTunes, the program copies over new voice memos and apps, but not your photos. Even if you turn on the Sync Photos option, iTunes won't copy your snapshots to your PC -- that option only serves to copy pictures from your PC to the phone. Windows 7 and 8 don't actually need any extra software to transfer photos, as they recognize the phone as a digital camera. Alternatively, if you have iOS 8.1 or later, turn on iCloud syncing to view your pictures in any Web browser.

Windows can import videos alongside photos.
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Using USB

Plug your iPhone into a computer with the USB cable. You can transfer photos from your iPhone to any Windows 7 or 8 computer, even if you usually sync your iPhone to a different PC.

Press Windows-E -- or click Computer on the Windows 7 Start menu -- to open the Computer window. If it isn't already, open the Portable Devices section to find the icon for your iPhone.

The first time you plug an iPhone into a PC, it takes a few minutes to show up.
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Using USB

Right-click on the iPhone's icon and choose Import Pictures and Videos.

Importing works for pictures saved in Safari on iOS as well as photos.
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Using USB

Choose Import All New Items Now and press Import if you want to transfer all the photos on your iPhone. Otherwise, leave the setting on Review, Organize and Group Items to Import and click Next.

If you're importing all items at once, you can add a group name on this screen.
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Using USB

Check the box by each photo or group of photos you want to transfer. Optionally, enter a name and tags for each.

Click More Options if you want to change where Windows saves the photos -- the My Pictures folder by default -- and press Import to finish.

The Adjust Groups slider changes the size of each group.
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Using iCloud

Open the iCloud section in the Settings app on your phone and tap Photos.

Photos count toward your iCloud storage space.
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Using iCloud

Turn on iCloud Photo Library. Before continuing, wait until the progress bar below the setting indicates that your phone has finished its uploads.

On iOS 8.1 and 8.2, the setting is labeled iCloud Photo Library (Beta). Older versions do not support this method.

Connect to Wi-Fi to upload faster and avoid using data.
Image courtesy of Apple
Using iCloud

Visit the iCloud website, log in with your Apple ID and click Photos.

The site also has links to other iCloud data, like your calendar.
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Using iCloud

Click any photo to view it. Save images to your computer as you would save any other picture in your Web browser: right-click a picture and choose Save Image As in Chrome or Firefox or Save Picture As in Internet Explorer.

Saved images remain on iCloud and on your phone.
Image courtesy of Apple

Tips & Warnings

  • If you're comfortable working in Windows folders, you can skip the import tool and simply double-click the "iPhone" icon on the Computer window to reach the images directly.
  • By default, Windows won't erase the photos from your phone after transferring them, but you can turn on this feature in the "More Options" link during the import.
  • If your PC has trouble recognizing your iPhone, make sure both your phone and computer are up to date, try using another USB cable and try rebooting both devices.


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