How to Make a Two Person Horse Costume


Two-person costumes are an unusual sight at most costume parties and events, and can be an entertaining way to add variety to your partying. The most classic and universally known two-person costume is the horse costume, in which each person forms half of the body and two legs of a single horse. These costumes are often difficult to find and are prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, a simple homemade version is much cheaper to produce.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown fabric
  • Craft knives
  • Needles and thread
  • Styrofoam block
  • Styrofoam-safe paint and brush
  • Craft glue
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Long costume wig
  • Medium-length costume wig
  • Brown pants, 2 pair
  • Nondescript black shoes, 2 pair
  • Cut out two large identical cloth rectangles. The rectangles should be about 4 feet long by 3 feet tall for average-sized adults. These rectangles will form the main body of the horse.

  • Cut off one corner on each rectangle to form a large curve. Make the curve on each rectangle as identical as possible. This curve will be the top of the rear end of the horse.

  • Sew the rectangles together, leaving the bottom edge (the long edge with no curve) open and a gap large enough to act as a head hole in the top front. The main body of the costume should fit over the front wearer like a poncho and should come down far enough on both wearers that only their legs are exposed.

  • Carve a horse head out of a Styrofoam block. This can be as realistic or stylized as you like. Carve a shallow hollow in the underside of the head for attachment to the rest of the costume.

  • Paint the foam head using a Styrofoam-safe paint.

  • Glue the hollow bottom of the head to the top of a bicycle helmet.

  • Cut out a large fabric rectangle. This rectangle should be about 2 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

  • Sew the short edges of the rectangle to one another to form a large cloth tube.

  • Glue one end of the tube to the bottom of the head. The tube should completely cover the helmet and the front wearer's head, and drape down over part of the main body.

  • Cut a hole in the front of the tube for the front wearer to see through, and trim up the back of the tube as needed to prevent it from bunching up.

  • Sew a long costume wig to the back of the costume, near the top, to act as a tail.

  • Cut the cap of a medium-length costume wig (same color as the long wig) into thin strips and sew them in a line down the back of the tube to act as a mane.

  • Wear loose brown pants (to match the color of the costume) and nondescript black shoes. This applies to both wearers.

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