How to Heat Hermit Crab Tanks

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Popular as small household pets, hermit crabs require specialized care that mimics that of their native environment. If you acquire a hermit crab as a pet, you should be aware that it requires a habitat that provides it with the proper amount of heat, in addition to meeting all of its other needs. If the habitat in which you house your crab is either too cool or hot, your pet will likely suffer.

Things You'll Need

  • In-tank thermometer
  • Under-tank heater
  • 15-watt reptile heat bulb and clamp lamp

Install an in-tank thermometer in your hermit crab's environment, so you can monitor the temperature and ensure it stays between 75 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place an under-tank heater (UTH) under one portion of your tank, on the outside bottom. Leave a portion of the bottom of the tank unheated so that your hermit crab can move to the unheated area if it decides it needs less heat.

Place a 15-watt reptile bulb in a clamp lamp and clamp it to the side of the hermit crab tank. You can use a white bulb during the daylight hours and a red bulb during nighttime hours. The light from the red bulb will produce heat but will not disturb the hermit crab.

Monitor the temperature of the tank for 24 to 48 hours after you first install the heat sources to determine if you need to make adjustments to keep the tank between 75 and 84 degrees. For example, if you discover the temperature is too warm, turn off the heat lamp. After the first 24 to 48 hours, you only need to check the thermometer when you are caring for your hermit crab.

Tips & Warnings

  • Under tank heaters are available in pet stores and can be purchased in different sizes. It adheres to the bottom of the tank and you plug it into an electrical outlet. You can also apply it to the side or back of your tank.
  • Once you make adjustments to provide the proper amount of heat to the tank, it should stay constant. Yet, take the temperature of your house into consideration. In the summer months, you may keep your home cooler than it is during the winter months. Provide your hermit crab with more or less heat as the temperature of your house fluctuates.

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