How to make Tahini

Tahini sauce is widely used in Middle East.It is also used in Hummus that is widely popular.Tahini is made from sesame seeds and therefore considered very healthy.It can be added to any recipe for more flavor.It could be used as a dip,a spread or with sandwiches.Here is how you can make simple and delicious Tahini sauce.


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      Take a cup of sesame seeds and roast it.It could be roasted in the oven by spreading it on a baking tray.Preheat oven to 320 degrees F and roast sesame seeds for about 5 minutes or until they get toasted.You could use a pan for roasting them too.

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      Add the sesame seeds with 1/4 cup of olive oil,2 raw garlic cloves and a sprig of parsley into a blender or food processor.Turn on high speed to get a smooth paste.You might need to add a little water to get a smooth paste.

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      As you blend,add 2 tsp of lemon juice and 2 tsp of buttermilk(optional) to get a creamy texture.You can add 2 tsp of vinegar if you want to preserve the Tahini for later use.

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