How to Change the Default Search Engine in the Firefox Address Bar

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Like several other Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox comes with search bar installed next to the address bar. Firefox comes preloaded and configured for several search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Firefox even allows you to set your default search engine to popular sites such as, and You can change the default search engine in the address bar at any time.

  • Click the arrow on the left side of the Firefox search box.

  • Choose the search provider you want to set as the default search provider. Click on the provider's name. Your selection will become your default search engine.

  • Click "Manage Search Engines" if the search provider you want is not listed, or if you want to remove one of the search engines.

  • Click "Get More Search Engines." Browse through the available search engines and find the one you want, then click "Add to Firefox."

  • Remove a search engine from the list by clicking "Remove."


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