How to Winterize Hardy Banana Plants?

Hardy banana plants add an element of the tropics to the backyard garden. But like most tropical plants, they don’t tolerate frost or freezing temperatures. With a little care, it's easy to have this beautiful plant in your garden year after year. Several methods are available to winterize your hardy banana plants, depending on the size of your plant. You may want to keep larger plants in the garden, while smaller plants can be brought inside for the winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Pot
  • Sand
  • Shovel
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Peat
  • Garden shears
  1. Large Banana Plants

    • 1

      Wait until your banana plant is finished producing fruit for the year. Cut the banana stalks to the ground. As fruit is produced on new stalks, or suckers, you will not be damaging your plant or its fruit production.

    • 2

      Cover the area over your banana plant with a thick layer of peat, at least 8 to 10 inches, before the first frost.

    • 3

      Cover the mulch with a plastic sheet to preserve as much heat in the soil as possible and to protect the banana roots against rot. Your banana plant should start growing again in the spring.

    Smaller Banana Plants

    • 1

      Cut and dead or frost damaged leaves off the banana tree. Dig up the root ball, brushing away any excess dirt off the roots.

    • 2

      Fill a pot with 30 percent sand and 70 percent organic soil to promote drainage. Bury your banana plant at the same depth it was growing in your garden.

    • 3

      Bring your plant indoors and place near a south facing window where it can receive sun at least six hours a day. Water infrequently and don’t fertilize, allowing your banana plant to go dormant for the winter. Once all danger of frost has past, you can replant your banana outside.

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