How to Create a Pet Adoption Flyer


Every pet deserves a permanent family, but sometimes a dog, cat or other pet may find himself in need of a new home. Creating a pet adoption flyer can be a great way to advertise a pet needing a new family. A good picture, a good biography, a clear adoption process and intentional placement of adoption flyers will help an adoptable pet find a new home.

A Good Picture

The most important part of any pet adoption flyer is a good picture. How you position the camera and the pet can make all of the difference in how the picture looks. Take a photo of the adoptable pet in good lighting with a high-resolution camera. Be sure to give the pet a bath or good brushing before taking the picture. Try to capture the pet in a friendly or playful stance, rather than in a scared or nervous position. You may have to take several pictures to find that perfect picture to place on the flyer. If you are going to print your flyers in color, you have more flexibility in how you take the pictures, but black and white photos will need even more planning to get a good photo of your adoptable pet.

A Good Story

The second component of a good adoption flyer is a good pet biography. Don't just list the pet's name, age and gender. Instead, tell a good story to make the pet seem more interesting, lovable and unique. Try to start the bio with a catchy phrase. For example, if you are trying to find a home for an older cat, start your bio with a few sentences like "Do you need a snuggle buddy for those long, winter evenings? Consider Earl, an older cat who loves to spend time lounging on the couch with his family." This will sound much better to potential adopters than a bio that starts out with "Earl is an old cat looking for a new home." Try to write bios that appeal to the whole family and don't rely on threats of euthanasia or animal welfare jargon.

Good Contact Information

Be sure to include your contact information on the flyer, but don't list your home address. Try to use a cell phone number and generic email address, rather than your home phone number or business email address.

A Good Adoption Process

Once you have a good picture and a good story, you need to decide how you will interview and screen potential adopters and include that information on the flyer. For example, you may want to specify that potential adopters must complete an application, pass a vet check and pay a $50 adoption fee. Many national animal welfare organizations caution against free to good home ads, as there are many dangers for both pets and people in these kinds of adoptions. Having some kind of screening process in place will help protect both you and the adoptable pet from a bad ending.

A Good Placement

Once your adoption flyers are completed and you have figured out the adoption process, it's important to get the flyers out. Start with local veterinarian offices, doggy day cares, grooming facilities and dog parks. You may also ask local coffee shops and restaurants if they are willing to hang your flyer, especially if they have pet-friendly patios or are near a dog park. Be sure to check back often to make sure that the flyers are still present. You may also consider changing the photo of the pet and replacing the original flyer if it has been a few weeks.

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