How to Make Money Using Paid-To-Surf Sites

You can get paid to surf the Internet even in your leisure.
You can get paid to surf the Internet even in your leisure. (Image: Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Popular on the Internet, the paid-to-surf and auto surf concept is a simple way to earn money online in a short time. The program will display ad bars while you use the Internet, so you are simply paid to surf because advertisers want you to see their product ads and are willing to pay you. The pay is small, usually only 40 to 60 cents hourly, but some people earn $100 monthly using multiple paid-to-surf programs. While not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is still a quick way to make money. A similar concept is the paid-to-read email programs.

Avoid paid-to-surf scams. Carefully select programs that are fully operational and disclose their ownership to members. Also ensure the companies have a good track record of paying members punctually and that the sites are fully operational. Some paid-to-surf sites will have all sorts of flashy banners and "join now" ads, but these features might not even be currently available, meaning you won't make any money until then.

Seek paid-to-surf sites that have good referral programs because earning such passive income is a good way to increase your earning potential. Don't choose a site only due to referral incentives but do give it consideration for its added earning potential. Such sites should have a good referral tracking system in place; thus, you receive a commission when someone registers under you. Seek programs that pay 10 to 30 percent commissions three to five levels deep.

Seek paid-to-surf sites that pay internationally, if you reside outside the U.S. Most programs are U.S.-based and some claim to accept members from other countries but then will have some sort of disclaimer in fine print stating that members outside the States are not paid but are welcome to sign up and "be the first to benefit." Obviously, then, it is best to choose a program without such restrictions. If you live abroad, be sure to read the fine print before enrolling with any paid-to-surf program. You do not want to make the unpleasant discovery that you are not getting paid.

Enroll with a site that pays decently. While the amounts are small, remember that using several of them at the same time makes your earnings quickly add up. Using multiple sites simultaneously is the way to make money. Try to find sites that pay at least 50 cents per hour and have a good referral program. Most have a limit of how many hours can be used every month. Try and find ones that allow 50 hours monthly but don't sign up with one limiting less than 25 hours. Find out the mode of payment. Some pay only via check, while others use Pay Pal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Find a get paid-to-surf site that allows you to advertise your links. This is a good way to help get more traffic to your blog or website.
  • Use a program that has a low earnings requirement to receive payment. You do not want one that requires you to earn $50 before you can get paid.
  • Always read posted site reviews. This is helpful in avoiding scams.

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