How to Improve Computer Wireless Connections

A weak wireless connection signal can be very frustrating, especially if you work from home or use the Internet frequently. Often your wireless connection is not reliable or as fast as it could be. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the connection and maximize the potential of your wireless router. You'll likely experience a boost in the signal and increased range for your router.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless router
  • Hi-gain antenna
  • External wireless network adapter
  • Wireless repeater
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      Check the position of your wireless router and make sure it is in a centralized location in your home or office space. If you can, place the router in the most central part of the building. You may need to consult the floor plan of the building.

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      Move the router if it is on the floor, next to an outside wall or touching a metal structure such as a file cabinet. These things interfere with the wireless signal.

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      Consider replacing the antenna on your router. A router's antenna is designed to transmit signals in every direction from the router. However, if your router has to be placed next to an outside wall, replace the router antenna with a hi-gain antenna. This will aim the signal away toward the interior of the building rather than away from it, thus maximizing your router's signaling power.

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      Consider replacing the wireless network adapter on your computer. Wireless connection is a two-way street, and your computer needs to be able to send information to the router as well as receive it. Try replacing the wireless network adapter with an external USB adapter. This will add an external antenna to your computer and will likely improve your wireless connection dramatically.

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      Purchase a wireless repeater. This simple device will extend the range of your wireless signal without you having to install any wires. Place the wireless repeater halfway between your computer and the router.

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      Change the router's wireless channel to a channel with lower interference. To do this, enter your router's configuration page and try using a different channel from the available list. Your computer will automatically pick up the new channel.

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      Reduce any wireless interference in your home or office. Big culprits are wireless electronics, especially cordless phones, which use the 2.4GHz frequency. Use cordless phones that use the 900MHz or 5.8GHz frequencies.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use wireless equipment from the same vendor. For example, if you have a D-Link network adapter, use D-Link router. Other equipment pairings are usually compatible but performance is often better if you use the same brand throughout.

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