How to Fix the Packet Loss on Wireless

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How to Fix the Packet Loss on Wireless

Wireless routers can be used in conjunction with an Internet modem to generate a wireless Internet network. Wireless Internet networks allow computers with wireless network cards to connect to the Internet without being linked by wire to a modem. This allows for a much greater degree of mobility in using the Internet. On the flip side, the distance between the computer and the wireless router can cause issues. Amongst these is packet loss; this entails data “packets” being lost while traveling between one's computer and a wireless router. While the nature of wireless Internet is such that packet loss will always exist, some things can be done to minimize it.

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  • Wireless router
  • Wireless card
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      Move your computer closer to the router. The farther the computer is from the router, the more likely data packets are to be lost.

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      Shut down the router, and then move it such that it is several feet away from other electrical appliances. Some electrical appliances can generate fields that can interfere slightly with the wireless signal.

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      Disable firewalls on your computer. While firewalls help prevent malicious data packets from entering your computer, they also slow down incoming data; this can cause some packets to be lost.

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      Update your router's firmware; this can be done via your router settings panel. New router firmware will likely be more efficient at handling data than will be firmware that is outdated.

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      Contact your Internet service provider for specific tips on how to minimize packet loss on your Internet service itself, and consult your router's manual for similar advice.

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