How to Remove an Email List


Unwanted emails are a nuisance and often clutter up your in-box. As in most cases of clutter, it becomes difficult to find things that are relevant and important, not to mention time-consuming. There are a few steps that can be taken to help reduce your clutter.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access

Removing an Email List

  • Look on the email that is clogging up your in-box. In all cases, emails will tell you, even if it is in the fine print, how to be removed from the mailing list. Many times, if you scroll to the bottom of the email, there is often a link that can be clicked that will remove you from the mailing list. Sometimes the link will redirect you to another page where you will be asked again to confirm that you do not want to receive future emails. While this is time-consuming if you get several spam mails per day, it will be the best way to get rid of the clutter in the long term.

  • Look in your spam folder in order to help further reduce clutter. Most spam emails will hopefully get collected in your spam folder. Many popular email hosting services include a spam box that will collect and periodically empty spam emails into the trash. Spam services also include the option to identify certain emails as "spam" or "not spam" in order to help narrow and define which messages you want filtered. The downside of spam boxes is that the hosts of the spam mailings themselves have gotten smarter, to the point where they will change the sender address ever so slightly so that the spam filter, in some cases, will not catch it.

  • Prevent further spam mails by using your email only for legitimate services and programs. You may even want to set up an email account specifically for your contacts and another one that you will use for any type of forms, services, surveys or anything else that you are required to input an email address for on the Internet. By refusing to give out your email to anyone and anything in person or on the Internet, you will further be able to reduce the clutter in your in-box so that you can spend more time taking care of that which is most important.

  • Contact your Internet service provider, which may have a policy against spam mails, especially if you have requested to be removed from mailing lists. If the Internet service provider does not take action, simply look for another provider that will.

  • Check out services such as SpamCop in order to help prevent spam and remove yourself from mailing lists. Some spam mails, especially ones that involve get-rich-quick schemes, are connected with fraudulent activity and should be reported to the National Fraud Information Center. Although the Can Spam Act is now federal law, intended to help reduce the sending of spam mail, it has too many loopholes to be truly effective.


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