How to Spat Football Shoes


Spatting is a process football players use to support their ankle and foot region, and consists of taping and wrapping athletic tape or gauze around the football cleats. Most football players tape their ankles beneath their cleats; however, by also spatting over the cleats they are able to keep their ankle rigid, and prevent their ankles from rolling, which could result in a severe sprain. Spatting kits are available for purchase online; however, these kits are not reusable. A cheaper alternative is to use SpatWrap, which is a patented and reusable spatting wrap which can be slipped on. SpatWrap is just as effective as normal spatting at preventing injuries, and is recommended by both coaches and athletes.

Things You'll Need

  • SpatWrap
  • Football attire
  • Tape your ankle the way you normally would before a game or practice, then put on a sock.

  • Slide the SpatWrap product over your sock. Do not worry if this process is slightly difficult. SpatWrap is meant to be tight on purpose in order to fully protect your ankle from injury. If you cannot get the SpatWrap to slide on, you may need to purchase a slightly bigger size.

  • Pull up the bottom of the SpatWrap around your ankle so that your ankle and toe are visible. The SpatWrap will be bunched up around your ankle if put on properly.

  • Put on your football cleat, and pull the SpatWrap down and under the heel of the shoe. The SpatWrap product should cover the laces area on the front of your cleat if it has been put on properly. SpatWrap is designed with a special heel cut which should allow the heel of your cleat to be visible. This design eliminates the risk of the SpatWrap being stepped on or caught underneath your cleat, which could cause slippage or injury.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wash the SpatWrap after use to avoid odor buildup.

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