How to Write a Bill of Sale; Sample Bill of Sale

This article explains how to write a legalized bill of sale when selling a vehicle or any other valuable item. A bill of sale is an important document needed when selling an item such as a car, as it will help safe guard the buyer and seller from any future problems that could potentially arise.


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      First off, a bill of sale should include all major details regarding the automobile/item and state that the item is being sold 'as is" according to the description.

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      Bill of Sale Example:

      I__(seller), in consideration of____dollars($_), do hereby sell, transfer and convey to____(buyer), the following vehicle:


      I the undersigned seller do agree to sell the above described vehicle to the buyer for the amount shown above "as is." I agree that all statements made in this bill of sale are true to the best of my knowledge.

      I the undersigned buyer accepts the vehicle "as is." I acknowledge this receipt and accept that there are no warranties, with respect to the above described property.

      Dated this__day of___,20____.

      Seller Name: Buyer Name:
      Seller Signature:____ Buyer Signature:____
      License #: License #:

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      Lastly, it's important that a bill of sale has signatures from both parties and that both the buyer and seller keeps a copy of the signed document.

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