How to Enable Plug-ins for Windows Media Player

Many software manufacturers allow third-party plug-ins, and Windows Media Player is one of them. These plug-ins allow the user to add extra features to Windows Media Player that aren’t included in the program by default. While most of these plug-ins are automatically enabled when installed, some will need to be enabled. Enabling plug-ins is as simple as going into the Windows Media Player settings.


    • 1

      Open Windows Media Player by going to "Start > Programs > Windows Media Player."

    • 2

      Click the arrow underneath the "Now Playing" tab in Windows Media Player.

    • 3

      Point your mouse to "Plug-ins" and then select "Options."

    • 4

      Click the category of the plug-in you want to enable in the "Category" list.

    • 5

      Check the box next to each plug-in you want to enable. Click "Apply" and "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't enable a plug-in if you don't know whether it's legitimate. Some plug-ins are not safe and should not be enabled because they can create problems for your computer.
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