How to Make a Parakeet Incubator

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An essential tool for any parakeet breeder is an incubator, which will provide the function of the hen by keeping unhatched eggs at the ideal temperature until they hatch. An incubator is necessary when the hen neglects the eggs. Often, breeders will remove eggs from the nest and place them in the incubator as a precaution, to ensure the safety of the eggs. You can make a parakeet incubator by using a few basic items that are readily available at any pet store.

Things You'll Need

  • 10- to 20-gallon fish aquarium
  • Heavy clear plastic
  • Packing tape
  • Thermometer
  • Humidity gauge
  • Lamp with 75-watt bulb
  • Bowl filled with water
  • Clean towel

Cut the plastic to that it is 2 inches wider than the aquarium opening. Tape the plastic over the top of the aquarium, leaving two sides open, so you can access the inside of the aquarium.

Line the bottom of the aquarium with the towel. Fold the towel to fit.

Tape the thermometer and the humidity gauge against the inside of one of the aquarium walls. Position these so that you can read them from the outside, through the glass.

Place the lamp in the aquarium. This will provide heat. Wind the cord up and over the top of the aquarium, under one of the open sides of the plastic, so you can plug it into an outlet.

Place the bowl of water inside the aquarium on the side opposite from the lamp. This will provide humidity. Refill the bowl as the water evaporates.

Keep the temperature inside the incubator between 92 and 98 degrees. The humidity should be kept at around 50 percent.

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