How to Stop a Cat From Scratching Weather Stripping Around a Door

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Getting a cat to stop scratching things like furniture or weather stripping can be a challenge, but with some patience and the right tools, even the most persistent cats can be persuaded to drop the habit.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat scratching post
  • Cat-away spray

Providing alternatives

Choose a scratching post for your cat to move their attention away from the weather stripping they so love to attack and toward this new toy. Choose a post with a large area of rough, textured material. Some cats like carpet, while others prefer rough cardboard; there are lots of alternatives on the market today. Make sure the post is tall so your cat can stretch out his body to its fullest length. Also make sure the post is stable and won't rock back and forth when kitty scratches it.

Place the post in a well-traveled area of the home, where the family usually hangs out. Don't place the post in a closet or another remote area. Cats pay more attention to posts that are in high-traffic, populated areas of the home.

Entice the kitty to scratch the post by placing a favorite treat, some catnip or tuna near the post. Give kitty ample time to check it out and get used to the idea of scratching this new post instead of other things around the house. Playing with the cat near or around the scratching post is helpful and often gets the animal excited about using the post.

If kitty is still paying more attention to the weather stripping than the post, consider applying a product to the weather stripping that smells bad. There are a number of cat-away type products on the market, some with all natural ingredients and some with stronger chemical-induced odors.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is easier to get a younger cat to scratch a post. Older cats are more prone to avoid the post and scratch other things.
  • It can help to place the scratching post near the item the owner wants the cat to stop scratching.
  • Pet owners may need to try a number of different types of scratching posts before finding one the cat prefers.
  • Save using cat-away sprays as a last resort. Sometimes the odor of these sprays is just as distasteful to a family as it is to a cat. It is better to break the cat's behavior with the post than with the smelly sprays.

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