How to Chemically Weld Acrylic Sheets


To bond two pieces of acrylic sheet, you can either use a hot air gun to weld the pieces together or chemically bond the pieces with a chemical bonding agent.

The chemicals used to bond the acrylic sheets break down the surface bonds of the acrylic sheet. This creates a permanent bond between the acrylic sheets, which is as strong as a welded joint. When you chemically weld pieces of acrylic sheet, you need to allow sufficient time for the fused joint to cure, as the joint will remain soft for hours.

Things You'll Need

  • Corner clamp
  • Worktable
  • Two pieces of acrylic sheet
  • Latex gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Syringe
  • Chemical bonding agent
  • Place the corner clamp on the worktable in an area that is easily accessible to both ends of the two acrylic sheets.

  • Set both pieces of acrylic sheet into the corner clamp and turn the handle of the corner clamp clockwise to lock the two-pieces of acrylic in place. Make sure that the corner joint of the acrylic sheets are tight and square before you lock the corner clamp.

  • Put on your latex gloves and safety glasses.

  • Insert the tip of the syringe into the open container of chemical bonding agent.

  • Rest the tip of the syringe at the top of the inside corner of the acrylic sheets, gently press on the syringe plunger and drag the tip of the syringe along the acrylic joint.

  • Refill the syringe and use the same process as described in the previous step on the outside corner of the acrylic joint. If you are chemically bonding acrylic sheets 1/8-inch thick or thinner, you do not need to perform this step.

  • Allow the chemically bonded acrylic sheets to set for the time specified by the manufacturer, before you release the acrylic sheets from the corner clamp. Releasing the corner clamp too early will cause the chemically bonded joint to warp and move out of square.

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