How to Reload the Clam Clip System


You can quickly reload a Clam Clip dispenser to continue binding papers and documents. Clam Clips are an alternative to staples that hold a stack of paper together without causing any damage. The metal clips will hold larger stacks of paper than most paper clips and can be removed and reloaded into the dispenser for reuse. Keep your documents together and in the correct order without punching any holes by loading and using a Clam Clip dispenser.

Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual
  • New or used Clam Clips
  • Read the owner's manual for your specific model of Clam Clip dispenser. There are small, medium and large hand held Clam Clip dispensers as well as a desktop model. Each dispenser requires different sized Clam Clips.

  • Straighten any used Clam Clips that have been bent open during removal by squeezing them closed between your thumb and index finger.

  • Insert the Clam Clips, open end first, into the open slot at the back of the dispenser. Each clip will push the one in front of it forward until the dispenser is full.

Tips & Warnings

  • Smaller Clam Clips are rated to hold around 20 pages while the larger models can bind 60 pages together securely.

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