How to Go to a Web Page at the End of a Flash Intro

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The Flash video scripting program allows developers to build visuals into websites. Those visuals can redirect a site visitor to a different part of the site after a Flash animation concludes. Create the URL transfer using either ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3.


  1. Click the Adobe Flash file icon to open the existing Flash document.

  2. Click into the last frame of the sequence.

  3. Use the F9 hot key to open "Actions."

  4. Go to the bottom of the existing script.

  5. Use a "getUrl" command if you're using ActionScript 2. Type getUrl followed by parentheses, quotation marks and the full Url as follows:
    getUrl ("").

    Use a "navigateToURL" command with ActionScript 3:

Tips & Warnings

  • Flash is not viable on all platforms -- Apple operating systems do not support Flash and instead rely on open components like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Consequently, there has been a move away from Flash on modern browsers, and there is no Flash capability on many modern smart phone platforms.



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