How to Identify Bright Green Spiders


Whether you're a collector trying to figure out which rare spider you've just seen or a camper worrying whether the spider that bit you is dangerous, identifying what spider you've encountered can be a valuable skill. Bright green spiders are often beautiful and easy to spot, but there are a number of different bright green spider species.

Things You'll Need

  • Spider identification book
  • Identify the spider's habitat. This includes the geographic region, such as the southeastern United States, as well as the immediate area, such as a wooded hilly area.

  • Determine the spider's physical traits. Is its entire body green, or does it have other colors, such as a red thorax? Does it have any spots of different colors? How big is its body? How does it move? Where are its eyes located?

  • Compare its characteristics to the traits of possible matches. For example, if it is around 16 mm long and moves very fast, it might be a green lynx spider. If it is motionless and camouflaged on a garden leaf, it might be a green crab spider. If it is very small and you spotted it sitting under its web, it may be a mesh web spider.

  • Compare the spider you saw to identified pictures of spiders in a spider identification book. Find the closest match.

  • Read the description of habitat and behavior of the spider you think you saw to make sure its behavior matches. Make sure also that the geographical region matches.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when getting close to spiders; although only a few spider bites are seriously dangerous to humans, many spider bites are painful. Wear protective clothing, including gloves and boots, if you are searching for spiders.

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