How to Hang Metal Candle Inserts for Tea Lights

Tea lights provide a great source of ample candlelight with only a small apparatus, but because they are small, they are usually held in metal insert containers to keep them burning after all their wax has liquified. These inserts are designed for one-time use, but are strong enough to form part of a permanent hanging fixture that you can build to provide ambient candlelight in a creative fashion.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal baby food jar lids
  • Metal vise
  • Hammer
  • Small nail
  • Epoxy or other strong glue
  • Chain or flame-retardant string
  • Jump rings
  • Needle-nose pliers


    • 1

      Punch three holes around the outside rim of each baby food jar lid by clasping them in the vise, then using the nail and hammer. Space them evenly around the lid.

    • 2

      Remove the candles from the metal inserts. If necessary, turn them upside-down and gently shake to dislodge the candles.

    • 3

      Glue each insert to the inside of a baby food jar lid. Use a generous amount of glue and apply to the bottom of the insert before placing inside the lid.

    • 4

      Thread string or chains through the holes in the lid. If using string, thread from the inside of the lids out and tie a knot on the outside to secure. If using chains, attach a large jump ring to each hole using needle-nose pliers, then affix to the end of the chain.

    • 5

      Hang the jar lids. Trim the three lengths of string or chain to the same length and hold in mid-air to make sure they're balanced to the point that the lid hangs level with the ground. If not, adjust the lengths.

    • 6

      Replace the candles inside the inserts and light.

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