How to Convert Megahertz to Hertz


Hertz are the international unit of measurement for frequency. Megahertz are larger units of frequency measurement that often apply to radio waves; each megahertz is equal to 1 million hertz. Multiplying by 1 million is often the easiest way to convert megahertz to hertz but may not always be the most appropriate. Some frequency values require use of a decimal notation conversion method. Fortunately, you can perform both methods without the assistance of a calculator.

  • Determine your measurement of frequency in megahertz. Refer to your frequency reading from the hardware or software you are using.

  • Multiply the megahertz number by 1 million. Applying this mathematical operation to any megahertz value will give you the appropriate value in hertz.

  • Move the decimal point if you would rather not multiply. Write the megahertz value in decimal form. Move your decimal point six places to the right, adding the appropriate number of zeros. This will reveal the appropriate frequency value in hertz.

  • Plug your number into a hertz-to-megahertz online converter to quickly determine how many hertz are contained in a specific number of megahertz.


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