How to Determine Trailer Size for Moving


Determining the correct trailer size for moving is an important step to take prior to renting or purchasing a trailer. A trailer that is too small will require multiple moving trips, while one that is too large will cost more money and will be increasingly difficult to maneuver. The key to finding the right trailer size is to carefully evaluate the size of your home and quantity of your belongings.

  • Use the number of rooms in your home as a general guideline for the size of the trailer you'll need for moving. Generally speaking, space estimators recommend 200 square feet of moving space for each room in your home--plus extra room for very large or bulky furniture pieces. When figuring your estimate, don't forget to include items in the basement, attic or outdoors that will need to be moved also. For a home with eight rooms, you'll likely need at least a 24-foot truck to move all of the items in one trip. On the other hand, a smaller home with only three rooms should only require a 15-foot truck.

  • Calculate an additional estimate if you have been established in your current home for a number of years and have collected a large amount of belongings. On the UPack website, you can calculate an accurate trailer size by entering in a quick inventory of the furniture in each room of your home. Once complete, the calculator will give you the cubic square feet necessary for your moving trailer.

  • Rent a slightly larger trailer size than you need to ensure that you have ample room to move all of your household items in one trip. This is particularly crucial in longdistance relocations, where it won't be possible to make a second trip.

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