How to Purchase Books for Kindle


Kindle is a handheld wireless reading device created by As of 2010, there were 400,000 books available to be downloaded onto a Kindle, each in 60 seconds. You can purchase books for Kindle directly on your device anwhere there is a 3G wireless network.

Things You'll Need

  • Kindle

Getting to the Kindle Store

  • Turn on your Kindle. The "on" switch is located on the top left of the Kindle. Slide and hold the switch for a few seconds and then let go to be directed to the home screen. Please note that the directions in this article are based on what the Kindle looks like when you face it. In other words "the right" always refers to "your right" as you face your Kindle.

  • Press the menu button located on the lower right side of the Kindle. It is labeled with the word "menu."

  • Be sure a dark black line is underlining the phrase "Shop in Kindle Store." If it is not, place your fingernail on the top of the square toggle button on the bottom right of the Kindle. Push down as if you are turning off a light switch or push up as if you are turning a light switch on. Keep pushing until a dark black line is underneath "Shop in Kindle Store."

  • Press the square toggle button head on. You are not pushing the toggle up or down, but pressing it as you would push an elevator button. Pressing this button will take you to the Kindle store.

Book Browsing

  • Begin typing the name of a book you are interested in buying. Type using the keyboard at the bottom of the Kindle. Do not worry about capital or lowercase letters. You can also browse items on the main menu by toggling up and down with your square button and pressing the button when you have found a topic you like.

  • Toggle to the right with the square button once you have typed your book title. The words "Search Store" should be higlighted in black. Press the square toggle.

  • Move your toggle down until you find the correct book title. If you want to get to the next page of titles, press the "Next Page" button on your Kindle. When you've found a book you like, press the square toggle.

Book Purchasing

  • Press the square button to get to the book-purchasing screen, where you can find important information about the book. For example, this screen is where you find the price of the electronic book. Move the toggle down until you get to the word "Buy" on the right side of the screen. Once the word "Buy" is highlighted in black, press the square button. You can also toggle to "Try A Sample" to see if you like the book before buying it. You are under no obligation to buy a book if you do not like the free sample.

  • Your book will download immediately to your main page and the credit card associated with your account will immediately be charged. To access your new book, click on "Home" and select the book using your toggle button.

  • Begin reading.

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